• We all crowded into her office to sing “Happy Birthday”

    We celebrated senior Kahn staff' birthdays in the midst of a demanding workday. Shaoxing Kahn Trading Co., Ltd. hosted Catalina's birthday celebration on the afternoon of March 18, 2023, as a way to help workers experience the warmth of the Kahn family, laud and apprecia...
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  • The romantic style of Hawaii is also as colorful as the flower years

    The romantic style of Hawaii is also as colorful as the flower years

    Kahn will launch a new Hawaiian style print design fabric series in 2023. In summer, the combination of sunshine, waves and sand is exciting.  Hawaii, located in the United States, has gradually become the first choice for lovers to honeymoon. An Yixuan’s wedding took place here a while ag...
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  • Washing and maintenance of real silk

    Washing and maintenance of real silk

    【1】 Washing and maintenance of pure silk fabric ① When washing real silk fabrics, you should use the detergent specially for washing silk and wool fabrics (available in supermarkets). Put the cloth in cold water. See the instructions for the amount of washing liquid. The water should be able t...
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  • Characteristics and maintenance of cotton cloth

    Cotton fiber is a seed fiber formed by the elongation and thickening of the epidermal cells of the fertilized ovule, which is different from the general phloem fiber. Its main component is cellulose. Because of its many excellent economic properties, cotton fiber has become the most important ra...
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  • Common printing methods of home textile fabrics

    Common printing methods of home textile fabrics

    Reactive Printing As the name implies, our printing dyes are processed by reactive printing and dyeing. The design elements of the reactive printing are quite diverse: plant flowers, geometric figures, English letters and different color blocks are organically combined t...
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  • What is Bamboo Fabric?

    What is Bamboo Fabric?

    Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass. The bamboo used to make garments (which is not the same as the bamboo eaten by pandas) is easily replenished and grows without the need of...
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  • Happy birthday! Lucky girl

    The first birthday party of the new year is coming! In order to spread the corporate culture, let employees feel the warmth of the Kahn family, recognize and thank employees for their long-term serious and hard work, and express the company's care and blessings to employ...
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  • Selection of rayon fabric

    Selection of rayon fabric

    What fabric is rayon Rayon fabric refers to rayon, and rayon is the general name of viscose fiber. The basic composition of viscose fiber is cellulose. Its raw material is natural fiber, which is made by alkalization, aging, yellowing and other processes. Therefore, viscose fiber is a kind of reg...
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  • What is muslin fabric?

    What is muslin fabric?

    Muslin is a loose, plain-woven cotton fabric with a long history in India. It is light and breathable. Today, muslin is valued for its adaptability and is used for everything from medical operations to cooking and as fabric for clothing What Is Muslin? A loosely woven co...
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  • Fabric shops near me

    Fabric shops near me

    Fabric is the material used to make clothing. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabrics can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly affect the color and shape of clothing. The following is the fabrics collected and organized by Kahn’s assistan...
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